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Brewer's Advertising Data is a central exchange of information within the advertising and marketing industries of South Africa. It contains data on people, products and companies — information you need to know.

How it works

Devices and gadgets

When We Know, You Know.

We constantly monitor changes and update instantly every day.

We can do this because our applications are the only ones of their kind that run live on the internet which you can access using any device — any where, any time.

Anywhere. Any Device.

In business today there's nothing more useless than stale data and nobody can afford to wait until tomorrow to hear about what's happened today. We believe this is extremely important.

Access to Brewer's means you can immediately pinpoint who, what, when and where.

The Products

Each App will give you an edge. Whether it's knowing who the MD of a specific company is, which agency handles a certain product or what the readership is of an obscure magazine. Whatever you need to know, you can find it here.


Information on South African companies who market and promote their products or services.

Ad Agency

Detailed information on all the advertising agencies in South Africa, including company information, details of personnel, plus the list of that agency's clients.


A media information source which lists all the media in South Africa. Includes contact details, rates, personnel, circulation, readership and much more.

Give it a spin

Pricing. There are two options:

Option 1

Monthly at R740 per App on a 12 month agreement.

Option 2

Annual is less expensive at R7,850 per App.

Our People

A small team that have been doing this for 24 years, Brewer's is now a family-run business. One of us will always be on call to handle your questions.

Chris Brewer
Main Guy

He now runs Brewer's Apps full-time after having acquired 24 years experience in the Advertising and Marketing industry and is also your first point of contact.

Jake Brewer
Design and Branding

Always striving for pixel-perfect solutions. Compulsive obsessive, but for design that can only be good. Found at studiobrewer.com.

Adam Brewer

Web developer for brewerlogic.com, he handles the technical bits; seldom understood, he makes things sound easier than they really are.

Tracey Baard
Content Manager

Tracey is in charge of keeping all our databases up-to-date, at all times and will usually be available when Chris isn't.